Medjool Date

Festival 2013

Saturday 16th November 2013 - Historic Downtown Yuma

The Yuma Medjool Date Festival - 2013

Celebrating the historic links between the "Fruit Of Kings" and the City Of Yuma.




 Yuma Medjool Date Festival

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 Cooking With Dates

Recipe Contest

Cookery Demonstration











Visit us on Main Street for a day packed with fun, entertainment and information with a focus on the noble Medjool Date and its historic links with the City of Yuma.  More Medjool Dates are grown in and around Yuma than anywhere else in the USA.. So come celebrate and have a fabulous day. We'll be starting off the day with our new tradition. Free coffee and Medjool Date Muffins for the first 1000 people to attend the festival - starting at 8:30 AM.


This year we're adding even more things to do:


Cookery demonstrations by local chefs

Children's entertainment with jumping castles and face painting

More local music and dance

Talks about the history and current day activities of the Medjool Date Community

A Medjool Date garden tour


And the popular activities from our first festival will still be there


Vendor fair on Main street

Equipment demonstrations

Medjool Date recipe contest

Date shakes and other food for purchase

Medjool Date art in the art gallery

Music and dance on the Main street stage

A tour of the Datepac packing facility


We can't wait to see you all there. And come back soon for updated information on the festival


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